I live in Tucson, Arizona

I live in Tucson, Arizona

My family and I live in Tucson, Arizona. After leaving and returning three separate times, I realize that Tucson is my home. The saying “You don’t know what you’ve got until its gone.” holds true to my experience. Both my parents are part of the Air Force. Not including our international voyages, we have been across the United States several times. Tucson is my favorite city, and Arizona my favorite state. Only in Tucson have I seen the dry versus wet weather compete as they do here. Arizona has a Wild West history that nobody can forget. People in Arizona celebrate our unique culture in different ways every year. Our business world is booming. The real estate market is running nonstop, and the University of Arizona attracts diversity to the table. Our mixture of cultures brings a balanced market. Tucson closely relates with the wars and triumphs of every American. Tucson truly is my home, for every reason I can think of. It’s a truly wonderful place. Any person can come here and thrive.

Due to my parents being a part of the Air Force, as a child I moved often. Today, I am in Tucson on purpose. Nobody has made me move here. I’ve discovered that people of all ages do the same. Retirees of the military often set up house here. Davis Monthan Air Force Base was established during World War II as a training camp. Today, many retirees and new air force members reside in Fam Camp, the RV Park, as well as in the widespread on-base housing. Younger non-military people come to Tucson to attend the University of Arizona. The university attracts people from around the world. Personally, I plan to attend as well. The university has every kind of work-study and scholarship help anyone could ever want. If it’s related to going to college, the University of Arizona has it. That’s what makes them so great.

Every year Tucson has five seasons. The normal preschool summer, winter, spring and fall apply. However, there is another time of year important to Tucsonans. Monsoon season, similar to the one in Jumanji, has been around for centuries. Every Native American culture in these parts has rain dances and rituals to entice the monsoon rains to come sooner and stronger. Its not just the Native Americans cheering for rain, white people celebrate it too! Saint Augustine church has a festival annually to welcome the monsoon showers to Tucson. The fantastic hues created in the sky after each rainstorm is every photographer’s dream to capture. For everyone else, the beauty can grab us by surprise. It truly makes me feel connected to Tucson.

In the 1950’s Howard Hughes started building his business here. Ever since, the company has been an important part of Tucson. Today Hughes, is now called Raytheon Missile Systems, and is a flourishing company that has extended its business internationally. Tucson is a popular place for companies and families alike to live because we have a little of everything. This is why Roy Drachman’s campaign was able to convince Mr. Hughes to choose Tucson. We have endless possibilities.

The American history we all share is a part of Arizona. Arizonans participated in the civil war, and both sides were fought on our soil. The Picacho Pass battle was fought here. Captain Calloway marched his troops to Picacho Pass to fight the confederates. In addition, military roads were built all though Arizona. They consisted of wagon roads such as Crook Trail and Beale Wagon Road. Arizona also carried three countries flags such as Spain and Mexico. After the Gadsden Purchase, the flag of the United States also flew.

According to MLS, Tucson is continuing a ten-year high of real estate listings. Our real estate market is still booming. Tucson is also bursting at the seams with popular farmers markets that are open every weekend. Also new age culture such as hookah, tattoo, and coffee shops are beginning to thrive here. The University of Arizona brings many types of cultures from around the world. Because of this, we have a variety of Asian stores, as well as the local swap meet. The semi-annual Fourth Avenue Street fair is endlessly popular with every generation.

For every reason I can think of, Tucson is the place to be. If you have lived here, and then moved away several times, you will understand how special this city is. I cannot stand the thought of leaving my city again. This place has too much history and culture. I plan to stay in Tucson. When it is my time to begin to thrive, I will start to make this already wonderful city even better.

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